Friday, October 14, 2005

October 14, 1944

October 14, 1944, originally uploaded by Filboid Sudge.


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Here's more on the "Victory Trousers":
"Rationing alone, it was recognised, would not solve the Nation's shortage of materials. During 1941, the government consulted with designers and manufacturers to draw up standard designs and specifications for a range of clothing and furniture. The result was a range of "utility" clothing which restricted designers and manufacturers in a number of ways. Excessive use of fabric was not allowed and as a result pleats all but disappeared, skirts became shorter and slimmer, and men's trousers were often made without turn-ups. Restrictions applied to accessories - decorative trimming was banned and jackets were only allowed three buttons. Clothes produced in accordance with the new regulations were identified with the mark "CC41" "

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